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March 23, 2012

Why You Should Care About Intellectual Property When it Comes to Shelter Photos

This morning I sat down at my desk and got on FB and spotted a post from an animal organization with what seemed like a simple and straightfoward request – respect intellectual property and “Share” photos without altering them. Simple right? Nope, soon things took a turn for the worst and people were calling the group horrible names and saying rude things about “so-called artists”.

So why should people care about intellectual property when it comes to shelter photos? Well, I should tell you that intellectual property is a real thing and it is illegal to steal or pirate another person’s work, whether it be design, photography, music or the written word. But the bottom line, it’s hard for artists to help animals if we can’t pay our bills (I pay money out of my own pocket to do this work), are undervalued, aren’t respected within the community (it’s hard to get to volunteer if no one sees a need) as well as undercuts our fundraising efforts to help animal rescues.

When someone takes a photos and posts it without permission or alters the text, I don’t assume they had nefarious intentions and were out to hurt aritsts and I certainly don’t want them to feel bad or guilty for trying to do a good thing. My purpose here is to educate and shed light on some issues I care very deeply about so instead of wagging my fingers or guilt-tripping, I would encourage positive action! So how can you help without hurting?

Ask the artist for permission. Have a really great quote that would compliment their photo? Think your FB group would love to see a piece of their artwork? Ask the artist for permission.

Respect copyright. Leave watermarks alone, never crop or alter them. Never ever take credit for work you didn’t do. Don’t alter what isn’t yours.

Link with Love.

Use the “Share” button on Facebook. Biggest thing you can do for both artists and animal organizations. When you click “share” it gives a link to the original source, giving the organization greater exposure but also helps people go the source so they can help, either by spreading the word themselves or by helping a pet get a home!

We, the artists, are asking for one small thing – don’t plagiarize, steal or alter our work. It’s illegal, it’s not cool and it is hurting the artists that are trying to help. If you want to help, click share or post the proper links. It’s a win/win for everyone – needy pets included.

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Kira DeDecker Photography is a editorial and commercial pet photographer based in Glendale AZ and serves the Metro Phoenix area (Scottsdale, Peoria, Phoenix, Suncity, Surprise, Goodyear, Avondale and Tempe) and beyond.

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