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January 25, 2011

Night Terrors

It was 4 a.m when I awoke to a sharp bark. I laid in bed, quietly not moving. Tim was besides me doing the same. I closed my eyes, maybe it was just a fluke and she will go back to sleep, sometimes that happens. Another five minutes pass by and I’m falling back into a deep slumber when I hear it again — this time the bark is more urgent. I grumble and get up. Tim is still in bed doing is best sleeping intimation but I know dang well that he is awake. No one can sleep through a Peetie tirade.

I shuffle outside with a squirming Peetie in my arms and place her outside to do her business and wait for her to finish. I let her in after she is finished and shuffle back into the bedroom with her trotting excitingly behind me. I try to coax her back into bed with me but she is spins and twirls at my feet, dodging my attempts to pick her up so I let her be and climb back into bed.

I close my eyes and start to relax and fall asleep when I hear Peetie bark at the foot of my bed. I ignore her, she ignored my attempts earlier to put her on the bed so she can sleep on the dog bed but this time her barks make Sox excited. Now Peetie and Sox are the foot of the bed, barking and jumping.

This time it is my turn to pretend being asleep. I turn in my fake sleep and jab Tim with my elbow. He gets up, grumbling and grab both dogs to put them out side. I hear him shuffling down the hallway to the back door but this time Tim yells loudly…


Apparently Sox wasn’t barking because Peetie was making him excited but because he has already pooped right in front of the back door.

I just pull the covers over my head. I felt horrible but mostly I just need something to muffle my laughing.

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Kira DeDecker is an on-location lifestyle pet photographer specializing in one-of-a-kind fine art and modern portraits. She works exclusively with dogs, cats and all other four legged creatures to create vibrant, quirky and soulful works of art.She also photographs needy animals pro-bono for non-profit animal organizations (like Cavalier Rescue USA).

Kira DeDecker Photography is a editorial and commercial pet photographer based in Glendale AZ and serves the Metro Phoenix area (Scottsdale, Peoria, Phoenix, Suncity, Surprise, Goodyear, Avondale and Tempe) and beyond.

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