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frequently asked questions

I absolutely LOVE your work! How do I book a session with you?
The first step of getting in front of my lens is contacting me! I book a limited number of sessions per month, so email me early to ensure your desired date. (And don't be nervous. I will walk you through the process from beginning to end!)

My pet is old or doesn't have much time left can you fit him into your shooting schedule?
Seniors and cases of failing-health take priority over all others so contact me ASAP to set up a Love session.

Do you shoot other pets besides dogs?
I know my tag line is "for the love of dog" but I welcome all animals! So you name it, I'll be happy to photograph it!

What if my pet is wild/shy/etc.? or What if my dog doesn't know any commands?
Shy or wild, dogs usually end up falling for my charms (and not to mention my treats) so I always get amazing awesome shots at the end of the day. And don't worry if Fido doesn't have any manners, I'm use to out-of-control tail wagging, slobbery kisses and muddy paws. My goal is always to capture a dog as they are in real life so if they happen to be naughty, then I'm shooting them that way.

But what if there is a good chance my dog may attack or bite while being photographed? Is that going to be a problem?
If your dog has serious human aggression issues I cannot and will not be able to photograph them. Thanks for understanding.

My dog needs to stay on a leash, am I limited on locations?
Not at all! I am awesome at Photoshop and I shoot entirely in digital so I can edit out the leash In fact, I have a special long lead that I use for my action shots! Safety first!

What are the best times and months to book a session?
March, by far is my favorite time of the year for sessions but any month in the fall, winter or spring are beautiful and temperate! Your session will mostly take place either in the morning as the sunrises or a few hours before the sunsets.

Because of the extreme summer heat, unless it is a Love session for a terminally ill or senior pet or a pro-bono session for a rescue, I do not book sessions in the summer months of late May through Mid-September.

I want a home session but my home is small? or I'm worried it won't look good in the photos?
I don't want you to worry about how your home looks. Give me a small, happy little lived in house full of love, personality and character over perfection anyday. Trust me, and let me come over with my camera.

Should I have a home or on-location session?
On-location sessions can take place at your home or another location of your choosing. Your dog is free to run, play and chase while I play their pup-arazzi for the day! Arizona is filled with gorgeous photo and dog friendly locations - so let me suggest some places for you!

Home sessions are great if you have shy dogs or want to show-off your not-so-humble abode. One of the best parts of shooting at your home is incorporating things that are important and meaningful to you and your pooch.

Want both and can't decide what type of session to have? Do both! KDP offers session options that include multiple locations so you can have your cake and eat it too!

Do you shoot people as well as dogs?
Yes, in fact I insist on it. One of the many reasons I love dogs is the way they interact with their human pack. So be prepared to jump in for a few shots!

What should I wear?
Wear what you love! Bright colors, layers, patterns are always a yes. Coordinating everyone in jeans and white shirts is a no. You're a real person, so wear what you'd wear in real life.

Do I need to bring anything to our session?
I bring healthy dog snacks and toys with me to every session but feel free to bring a personal prop or your dog's favorite treat or outfit. It is their day to be spoiled after all!

Do you only shoot on location? or Do you have a studio?
I am an exclusively on-location, natural light photographer. I am always inspired by the outdoors, whether it be someone's backyard or a cool urban spot downtown. I love the challenge of new and different locations. Plus, having a laid back environment creates a peaceful shoot and peaceful shoots mean happy dogs!

When you shoot on-location, what if we're outside and it rains?
If we know ahead of time the chances are high it will storm and your heart is set on an outdoor shoot we will just reschedule for a sunnier day. Or we just move indoors. Or grab an umbrella. Locations are flexible and I can make just about anywhere work for your session with a little creative thinking.

How far do you travel to take photos?
I mainly shoot in and around the greater Metro Phoenix area but I'm more than willing to travel farther if needed.

Do I get prints? Can I get a digital copy of the images?
You can order a USB drive of the images, prints, canvases and albums through your own personal online gallery. A few weeks after the session I will email you a link to your gallery, you can choose your favorites and order them right there!
NOTE: Session fees do not include any photos; digital, print or otherwise. To obtain photos you have four collections to choose from.

Can I buy a gift certificate?
Yup! Gift certificates are a popular option. Starting amount is $175 (enough to cover a base session) and go up!

How can I pay you?
I happily accept credit cards, check, cash or Paypal. Session fees are due at booking to reserve your session date. Products are to be paid in full upon ordering. Payment plans are done entirely at my discretion.

I have a pet related business, can I contact you to discuss some mutually beneficial marketing?
I would love to hear from you! I'm sure there are plenty of ways we can help promote one another so feel free to email me.

I have more questions where do I ask them?
Drop me a line at or via the contact page on my website. I look forward to meeting you!