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It was by complete happenstance the first time I meet Peetie (then named Sweetie). My newly married husband and I saw an adoption group that had a bunch of Pomeranians that were given up from a local breeder. Miss Peetie stood up and jumped up and down when she saw us. Turns out that no one wanted the scraggly dog with the rotten teeth because she was the oldest of the bunch but those people had no idea what they were missing. Peetie was my heart. She was pure love in a seven pound body. Peetie not only introduced me to the unconditional love of dogs but she became my muse and introduced me to the world of pet photography. In late 2011, she passed away from complications to gallstones. Since her passing, her photos have become one of the few things I have to remember her by.

As tribute to Peetie, and for everything that love means, I am proud to offer Love sessions for the elderly and terminally ill pets. These sessions are for people who want to celebrate the love and joy their pet has brought to their lives. I offer these sessions at a reduced fee because I want everyone to have lasting tangible memories of the ones they love before they pass.

Available on short notice, contact me anytime and I will do my best to rearrange my schedule to fit your pet in. I feel that every person deserves to have images that reflect the precious souls we have spent our lives with.