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what to expect


what to expect

I am my carefree, relaxed, quirky self at every session. I will probably meet you dressed in my favorite pair of jeans with my hair up in a ponytail and flip flops on my feet. I'll start chatting with you about your dogs. If there is one thing that I love to talk about is dogs, so tell me the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to hear it.

My camera doesn't make an appearance until we all warm up to each other. I want your pooches to be comfortable with me before I take my first shot. I will give them time to warm up to the idea of me and to sniff me out. I will pull out my camera and let them investigate it and check it out at their own pace. I'm a big lover of positive reinforcement so I will be giving lots of treats, pets and love (especially when they interact with my camera). I never yell, scold or get angry when a dog doesn't behave or perform.

I like to keep things fun and natural, so for our shoot we will do a mix of posed and candid photos. This means I will place your beast somewhere and then wait for something good to happen (because when you work with pets, expect the unexpected). In order to get your dog comfortable with both me and my camera, I will need to take over for a bit and if I need your help I will simply ask you for some. Sometimes it's best if I work alone with your dog. So don't be surprised if I take them aside for a portion of the shoot. The best photos come when you relax and forget I'm there. So breathe. Let go. And just be yourself.

A relaxed dog is a happy dog so that's why most of my photo shoots are done on-location and with natural light. Sessions can take place at your home, a local park or at a really rad location downtown.

sessions on-location

On-location sessions are probably my favorite kind of session! It's like one big doggy play date, except I'm chasing them around with a camera. I will encourage them to do certain things, give them toys and props to use and might resort to talking in funny high pitched voices if I have to.

I try to find a location with multiple 'looks' so we might walk around and experience the sights. Just think of me as your own personal paparazzi that day.

sessions at home

I love seeing all your dogs quirks that he only has when they are on their turf. I don't want you to worry about how your home looks. I believe a house should reflect its family, it shouldn't be perfect, it should have charm and personality.

I will walk around to check out light so please give me the grand tour! I might ask to move some decorations or furniture to get the best lighting. One of the best parts of shooting at your home is incorporating things that are important and meaningful to you and your pooch. Tell me about your dog, what special things does he do at home? I want to capture what it's like to your dog for the day.

Want both and can't decide what type of session to have? Do both! KDP offers session options that include multiple locations!