The 13 Project

So what is the 13 Project? In short, it’s an initiative proposed by Serena of Pretty Fluffy that involves 13 acts (or less) of kindness towards animals before 2013. Even if you can’t do the full 13, you can do something. The point is to commit to doing something good!

Here are my goals for the 13 Project:

1. Donate gentle used and new dog toys and towels to Potato Chip Pomeranian Rescue.

2. Photograph adoptable dogs for PCPR. Yes, I do that already but instead of once a month, I will take the hour trip out there when needed.

3. Feature an adoptable dog on my blog.

4. Search for other animal organizations that need my photography services.

5. Donate some of Peetie’s old dog clothing to Breeder Release Adoption Service. BRAS likes to dress up their adorable dogs in clothing at local adoption events and I can’t think of a better way to honor Miss. Peet’s memory (who, if you recall, was a breeder release herself) then to give them to such an amazing group.

You can read more about this project and even join yourself HERE!

2 thoughts on “The 13 Project

  1. Pretty Fluffy

    Thanks so much for joining Kira! I know how much good work you already do so it means so much to read your list above. Also #5 is just so touching – what a beautiful way to honour Peetie xxx.

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