Hi, I’m Kira DeDecker (“key-ra dee-decker”) and I’m a pet photographer serving Arizona’s greater Phoenix Metro area. Welcome to my blog! This is where I share not only my most recent work but also my life with you. Client sneak peeks, Facebook recaps, announcements, updates, awesome new offerings and the occasional (okay, frequent) story about my crazy but amazing life with my three dogs – Sox, Bixby and Waffles.

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As Seen on TV | Pet Photography Tips on The List

Phoenix AZ Pet Photography Feature 01
I recently on The List, a nationally syndicated lifestyle program to chat about pet photography. Woah. I was incredibly mind blowing nervous but Lindsey Granger was amazing and guiding me through the experience and was an absolute joy to work with (unlike Sox, who barked when they tried to Gopro him running. If you think my dogs are well behaved – surprise! Sox is a butt). Thank you Lindsey Granger and The List for having me and Sox for the experience!

You can see the full length here on The List website or on their Youtube channel.

A shorter condensed version (with an extra adorable dose of Sox) here on their Facebook page.

Cassiopeia of the Northern Sky

Arizona Pet Photography Against Nigh Sky

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”
― Sarah Williams

If there is one wish I had for all the dogs in the world. It would not only to have a home to call their own – but to be loved and cherished like Cassie was. Simply put, Cassie was an amazing dog that lived an amazing life.

Brief Recap

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Blue Merle Pomeranian Pet Photography AZ puzzle toyWaffle’s guide to life and other puzzles:
1. Identify the problem.
2. Think out the solution.
3. Kick it until you get the results you want.

Blue Merle Pomeranian Olympics 2016 Phoenix Arizona Pet Photography  I would give him all the gold. Even for events he didn’t participate in…

Cassie, Rigel, Comet and Sora | Love Session

Phoenix Arizona Pet Photography 01

Love Sessions aren’t meant to be goodbyes, they to celebrate life. And that was exactly the kind of session we had that day! Cassie and her family were close-knit and obvious devoted to one another. After Cassie’s initial cancer, her mother’s took her to California and they started a bucket list for her. Our session took place in the family backyard, and included Cassie (the beautiful girl with spots on her nose), Sora (black and White, loves to play with her ball) and litter mates Comet (darker red) and shy but sweet, Comet (the lighter of the two).

After our session was over, they invited me inside and offered me some home made blueberry monkey monkey. As we sat around talking and laughing, Sora came up to me and gently rested her head on my thigh. These dogs are the sweetest things I have ever meet.

Thank you Jennifer and Nikki for the wonderful session and letting me get a glimpse into your amazing warm and loving home.

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